Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Keystone is committed to minimize the EHS risks to all its stake-holders.

With re-designed and integrated operations, from purchases to final shipments, we have managed to reduce our environmental footprint to a remarkable extent. The use of modern equipment and technical guidelines from the experts in the field has helped in achieving these objectives.

A continuous review of EHS issues is ensured through internal audits, employee training and group discussions.


We strive to conserve natural resources by reducing, reusing, recycling, and identifying safer material substitutes or alternatives for our operations. We are committed to designing and manufacturing products that are safe, energy efficient and minimize impact to the environment.

Our organization strives to operate in this manner not only to comply with laws and regulations, but also to perform as a responsible environment protector and maintain a positive relationship with our community. We recognize that operational, economic, environmental, public, and social concerns are all integrally linked to the organization’s future. Meeting the commitment to protect these concerns is a primary senior management objective and all employees of the organization.

Health & Safety

Accidents and injuries on the job do not just happen. They are the results of unsafe acts and conditions. Accidents may result in human sufferings, in addition to production losses and higher costs. Avoiding them is a serious responsibility that can be met only by working continuously to promote safe work practices among all employees and to maintain property and equipment in safe operating conditions.

At Keystone, several efforts have been made to establish healthy and safe working environment. Our practices are:

• Proper safety education to all employees.
• Perform the risk assessment in all production and non-production areas.
• Enforce safe working conditions.
• Provide adequate safety equipment such as masks, gloves and safety jackets.
• Mandatory use of safety equipment in all operations.
• Establish “safety and fire fighting committees”.
• Display of posters at the production floors of the factory.

Our manufacturing areas are equipped with Fire Alarm System, Fire buckets, Fire extinguishers and water hydrant system compatible with International Standards.