Plant Tour / Processes:

Keystone is a well integrated hosiery unit with facilities to manufacture / produce a large variety of socks through diversified processes. This close integration helps immensely in quality control, process improvements and timely shipments.

In addition to this, Keystone has its own power generation plant with standby arrangements – all under one roof.

Following are the main production processes;

Toe Closing
Boarding / Press
Labeling & Packaging
Advanced Treatments


• It is the heart of socks making process.
• Keystone is equipped with 173 fully computerized knitting machines.
• The machines are of Conti / Matec models of Italian make.
• Their knitting range is between 9 to 13 gauges.
• Capable of producing pouch and real heels.
• With crew, anklet, low cut or tube type.
• In design of stripes or motif with half, full, sandwich or standard terry.
• We also entertain orders with varying yarn compositions.
• The knitting capacity is more than 32 million pairs of socks per year.

Keystone’s knitting team comprises of highly experienced and trained professionals. This team is continuously being enriched through training on job by the experts.

Toe Closing:

• It is also called linking.
• Toe closing is a very important and delicate operation of socks making operation.
• Keystone offers the finest quality of toe-closing by one of the following ways;
     1. “Hand linking”, also called seamless toe making.
     2. “Rosso”, for a faster finishing.
     3. Flat lock
     4. Overlock
     5. Lock stitch.
     6. Elastic sewing

Boarding / Press • Keystone has a large number of electrical boarding machines.
• Capable of giving a long life and wrinkle free appearance to the socks.

Labeling & Packaging:

Keystone has both, human and technological skills to offer all type of packaging services to its clients. The accessories are sourced from the world’s best suppliers, locally as well as from Hong Kong and China etc. We have:

• Regular labeling (1 label per pair).
• Cascade: 3, 5 or 7 pairs under 1 label
• Bundle: Packs of 2,3 or 5 pairs, for promotion and off-promotion displays.
• Box: Special orders for showroom promotions and display racks.

Advanced Treatments: For your competitive advantage, Keystone can work with you for socks with advanced treatments:

• Antibacterial
• Eucalyptus (menthol)
• Silicon washing (softness)
• Sweet smelling treatments
• Purista®
• Aegis®
• Alovera®