Comfort socks have become an integral part of modern day clothing. In cold weathers, they provide a warm feeling to our body, while in summers they add comfort and charm with our clothing. They are made as per the customers’ specifications in different yarn mixes and colors.


These socks are a part of formal or fancy dressing. They are also available to match your wardrobe, seasonal fashions or special occasions –with colorful designs, in varying yarn compositions and lengths.

Novelty socks are a real life example of human creativity and imagination applicable to the smallest part of your dress with an aesthetic sensitivity.


Casual socks are developed with the prime objective of giving comfort to feet. They are for all seasons and for wearing at anytime of the day. Also available as “tube” types with stripes and in half or full terry.

When made with cooling vets, they keep the foot ventilated giving a feeling of freshness and alertness. Keystone has very popular designs available in this category.