Quality Control:

Keystone is committed to exceed the customers’ satisfaction by delivery of quality products – in time and every time.

Product quality lives in the heart of every employee in production department, as in the rest of the company. Everybody is aligned to the quality control targets and our continuous improvement plans are executed meticulously. The measures to ensure quality standards have inspired the entire staff to work with enthusiasm and precision.

Quality Assurance Department:

Keystone’s “Quality Department” takes the responsibility for the daily control of process quality. By evaluating new materials and performing strictly controlled benchmark tests, the department ensures that the clients receive products of the highest standards, which precisely match their specifications.

Quality Assurance Department (QAD) has established, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system for achieving its targets. At every step of production process, checking procedures clearly reflect that quality is the priority number one. Such a multiple control system ensures that a “zero tolerance” regime is maintained against any defects.

It is for these reasons that Keystone is consistently declared “passed” in every social and product audits, conducted by local and international organizations.

With the objective of achieving and maintaining the highest standards, Keystone has acquired the expertise from Pakistani, Italian, German, French and American companies in the fields of chemistry and engineering.